#619 Panama Forum [VGMC Scam] Gejala buruk VGMC akhir akhir ini

Menurut berita di http://www.panamaforum.com/business-panama/39979-virgin-gold-mining-corporation-scam-21.html telah teridentifikasi gejala gejala mau roboh nya VGMC; harap para “investor” (scammer pelaku sistem ponzi) waspada dan bersiap siap untuk menarik “investasi” Anda. “Investor” baru juga harap berpikir seribu kali untuk masuk terperangkap di VGMC.

Berikut copy paste nya

Some signs that this company is in trouble.
1) Reducing frequency of access to earned dividends
– from being able to withdraw anyday of the week to twice per month
2) Increasing the minimum number of shares that shareholders need to own
– from 1 lot, to 2 earlier this year, now it has become 3 lots
3) Introduction of new type of shares, exclusively for premium members
– it’s easier to generate more revenue from existing members, than it is from new ones
– plus you get to make them feel more special

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